The Sorrowful Mysteries

Tuesdays and Fridays (also Sundays during Lent)


The Virtue—
That we may always and in all things, conform and subject ourselves to the holy Will of God.

C ontemplate how our Lord Jesus was so afflicted for us in the Garden of Gethsemani, prostrate on the ground, bathed in a bloody sweat, accepting from his Father’s hand the bitter chalice here offered to him.

Hail Mary, ten times — Glory Be— O My Jesus

The Prayer—
Mother of Him who was made man to save mankind! more sensibly affected by the suffering of thy Son than all his Martyrs were! obtain for us sincere contrition for our sins, persevering fervour in our prayers, and perfect resignation in all adversities. Amen


The Virtue—
That through His grace we may mortify our rebellious senses, avoid the occasion of sin, and be ready to suffer everything rather than offend God.

C ontemplate how our Savior Jesus Christ after being derided, calumniated, buffeted, and overwhelmed with reproaches, was by Pilate’s order most cruelly scourged, and in this mangled condition presented to the Jews.

Hail Mary, ten times — Glory Be— O My Jesus

The Prayer—
O Mother of Sorrows, whose heart was rent in the mangled flesh of thy Son! we beseech thee, by that love which induced him to shed his blood and give his life for us, to obtain, by thy intercession that we may ever cautiously avoid those criminal pleasures and sensual gratifications, which our Redeemer would expiate by this bloody scourging. Amen


The Virtue—
That we may be delivered from all emotions of pride, and escape that shame which our sins deserve on the day of judgment.

C onsider the indignities and insults offered to Jesus Christ; He is derided as a mock king, a reed is his scepter, thorns are his crown, an old purple cloak is the robe of his royalty. Let his patience under these insults, instruct and console us under affronts and humiliations.

Hail Mary, ten times — Glory Be— O My Jesus

The Prayer—
O most meek and compassionate Virgin! whose anguish at these multiplied outrages could only be equaled by the feelings of Him who underwent them! obtain, we beseech thee, for us, that we may ever gratefully remember these tender proofs of his love; may his crown of thorns become our antidote against pride, and his patience under these insults our comfort and support in all our afflictions. Amen.


The Virtue—
That we may have courage and strength to follow His steps, and bear our cross after Him to the end of our lives.

B ehold our Saviour on his way to Mount Calvary, bending under the weight of His cross. Let us endeavour to console him under his sufferings, by carrying our cross courageously.

Hail Mary, ten times — Glory Be— O My Jesus

The Prayer—
Most holy and generous Mother! who didst accompany thy dear Son even to Mount Calvary, feeling in thy love for him the anguish of his cross: may we, through thy prayers, follow him in the path which his blood has marked out; may we ever cheerfully carry all those crosses which his mercy, his providence, or His justice shall allot to us. Amen.

The Crucifixion

The Virtue—
That we may persevere to the end of our lives to accomplish the work of our salvation.

C ast our eyes upon the Son of God, suspended by nails from the Cross, covered with wounds, bleeding at every pore, expiring in accumulated agony.

Hail Mary, ten times — Glory Be— O My Jesus

The Prayer—
O Virgin Mother! Victim of suffering and sorrow! who, motionless and silent at the foot of the Cross, was doomed to sigh under the dying groans of Thy Son, and mingle Thy tears with his blood, transfixed with that sword of grief which holy Simeon had announced to thee; obtain for us, we most humbly beseech thee, that our hearts and affections be henceforth nailed to the Cross, that our lives be modeled by it, and our death sanctified by its influence. Amen.


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