Pray for Priests

 There is an old traditional saying in the Catholic Church:

If the parish priest is a Saint, his people will be holy;
If the priest is holy, but not yet a Saint, his people will be good;
If he is good, his people will be lukewarm,
and if he is lukewarm, his parishioners will be bad.
And if the priest himself is bad, his people will go to Hell.
[This is presuming they follow after such a priest.]


The Priest 

He is another Christ- respect him;
He is God’s representative- trust him;
He is your benefactor- be thankful for him.

At the Altar

He offers your prayers to God- do not forget him;
He prays for you and yours in purgatory- ask God’s mercy for him.

In the Confessional

He is the physician of your soul- show him its wound;
He directs you towards God- follow his admonitions;
He is judging- abide by his decision.

In His Daily Life

He is human- do not hastily condemn him;
He is human- a word of kindness will cheer him.
If you must tell his faults- tell them to God that He
may give him light and strength to correct them;
He has a great responsibility- ask God to guide him in life;
And be merciful to him in death.

There is more merit in praying for priests that make it hard to love them, then in praying for those that are easy to love.

Prayer for Vocations

O God, Who wills not the death of a sinner but rather that he be converted and live, grant, we beseech Thee through the intercession of the Blessed Mary, ever Virgin and all the saints, an increase of laborers for Thy Church, fellow laborers with Christ to spend and consume themselves for souls through the same Jesus Christ Thy Son Who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost without end. Amen

(7 years indulgence) Imprimatur: 1959


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