How We Got Ourselves Into This Perilous Position

The Bitter Truth

Our country is extremely sick and growing more ill as every day passes. For you see, we have been infected by the most lethal disease imaginable; a form of mental and spiritual cancer more commonly known as Progressivism. Millions of Americans have been directly infected and the condition is currently spreading, on an uncontrolled basis, throughout our body politic and society at large. Ultimately, this terrible affliction will destroy the very soul of America, if it is not promptly acknowledged, treated and cured.

Pray tell, how has our nation fallen so far and so fast from its divinely inspired foundations and so willingly succumbed to this tragic malady? Contrary to the belief of many Progressives, our nation and its citizenry do not merely constitute a random assortment of molecules.

Undoubtedly, there are a number of social, political and cultural forces at play, but I am convinced that the Father of Lies, who has fully adopted the Progressive movement in America, comprises the very core of this most destructive of maladies.

To understand how this ominous state of affairs has descended upon America ( and the rest of the world for that matter ), I think it would be helpful and instructive to review four of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated in human history:

  1. that Satan does not exist;
  2. the theory of anthropomorphic global warming;
  3. that the contemporary version of the Democratic Party in America is, in any way, capable of effectively governing our nation and protecting its vital societal, cultural, economic or security interests; and
  4. that the systematic slaughter of countless millions of innocent unborn children, in their mothers’ wombs ( or partially emerged therefrom ) is, in any manner, morally, ethically or spiritually acceptable.

As we continue to turn away from God and serve witness to these diabolical lies, it’s abundantly clear that numbers 2-4 above, directly relate to number 1.

Since so many Americans have so readily fallen prey to one or more of these hoaxes and have contracted the disease described above, I think it’s accurate to state that our nation is rapidly approaching a state of “ extremis “; we’re at an existential crossroad and if we take the wrong pathway, we will soon be marching down the road to national suicide. In Part 3 of my Trilogy,  “ Preventing National Suicide, Restoring the Republic and Avoiding Another Revolutionary War “, I will endeavor to suggest a rational and inclusive course of action, that will allow us to avoid a monumental national tragedy and find a way out of the horrific mess we’re in.

If I were compelled to use just one word to account for our breathtakingly rapid demise under the power, control and influence of the Progressive movement, I would use the word “ betrayal “. If two words were allowed to describe the nature of our current predicament, they would be “ treachery “ and “ betrayal “ and if three words were made available, I would employ “ deceit “, “ treachery “ and “ betrayal “. In any event, all of these terms fit the Progressive movement to the proverbial “ T “. As a fundamental component of my “ Bitter Truth “ analysis, it’s crystal clear that the foundation of our modern Democratic Party has been laid on the corpses of over fifty million innocent unborn children who have been sacrificed on the altar of Progressivism, since the singularly obscene Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision in January of 1973, whereby the American judicial system provided its imprimatur for infanticide; this is the date which represents the other self-inflicted day of national infamy.

In this writer’s humble opinion, this ongoing and nightmarish abomination in God’s eye, represents nothing less than one of the greatest crimes against humanity ever perpetrated by mankind on one another. Our Progressives have succeeded beyond their wildest imaginations in turning the hearts and minds of countless women against their own innocent unborn children. What in God’s universe was rightfully considered to be one of the most sacred and secure of human sanctuaries, has become one of the most fertile killing grounds in human history; surely Marx, Sanger,  Mengele and their supplicants are rejoicing in Hell. Do you remember what Jesus had to say about the fate that awaited anyone who harmed children?

One must truly possess a tortured psyche, conscience and soul to continue to support this most diabolical of causes. I wonder whether any of these same Progressives actually believes that God will find their amoral conduct and unparalleled sense of depravity to be worthy of his eternal blessings; I’m convinced that millions of non-innocent souls are at risk.

Upon this most evil of foundations, sit three primary structural columns named, deceit, treachery and betrayal, as per the three descriptive terms mentioned above. No wonder the Father of Lies is so pleased with the tireless efforts of his devoted Progressive children in constructing this hideous edifice of evil.

How in the world did we as Americans allow these sinister forces to arise and assume power in what has been the greatest and most humane and compassionate nation on earth? Although the list of individuals and mechanisms responsible for this epic tragedy is virtually endless, I would point to the utter failure of the following three segments of our society to fulfill their virtually sacred duties and responsibilities:

1.    The so-called mainstream media ( MSM ), that, under the most charitable of terms, is not within light years of the mainstream of America. There isn’t even a pretense of impartiality and objectivity amongst the vast majority of the MSM’s reporters, commentators, columnists, journalists, anchorpersons and editors, who are totally devoted to the Progressive cause. They have become the official propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, to an extent that would make Goebbels blush.

With the double standard as their sacrament and after waging a propaganda war of such viciousness and ferocity for many years against Republicans in general and now conservatives and Tea Party candidates in particular, our once esteemed fourth estate has totally abandoned its essential responsibility to report the political news in a truthful, objective and impartial fashion. Now we routinely serve witness to a pathological level of dishonesty amongst the ranks of the MSM, who, by design or omission, lie to the American public on a constant basis; they are indeed living a lie. My fellow Americans, our once vaunted fourth estate has become America’s fifth column.

2.    Occupying second place on the list and with a mere handful of exceptions, our entire system of public education, K-12 and   beyond, has almost totally failed in its sacred mission to educate and not indoctrinate our children and young adults. The vast majority of our so-called educators, faculty and administrators in educational institutions throughout America, have fallen in march step, under the Progressive banner.

Under the virtual stranglehold of Progressives, our educational system, which used to be the envy of the world, is trapped in an Orwellian world of mediocrity, social engineering and political correctness, that has severely damaged or destroyed the minds and future of millions of our most sacred asset, our children. Educators who are actively living a lie have been passing along the same set of lies to our kids, for many decades.

Teacher’s unions have been engaged in an appallingly shameful, systemic and criminal level of child abuse, in the form of maleducation for years and their members will some day need to be held accountable for their perfidy. For anyone who may doubt the extent, nature and primary source of this tragic problem, you only need to observe all of the failing school systems throughout America and you will invariably find a common thread; they are firmly under the control of Progressives, at all levels of the system. Please remember, every time you vote for virtually any Democrat , you will tighten the noose around the neck of every child trapped in a failing public educational institution.

As with internal combustion engines, although many teachers and instructors, especially in the field of higher education, appear to possess a formidable amount of intellectual horsepower, it can do them no good unless this form of horsepower can be turned into torque. Unfortunately, these same individuals cannot produce much torque, since torque in this instance, consists of common sense and wisdom, of which they are virtually bereft.

3.    Last but not least on this litany of malfeasance, resides many of our pastors, priests,  rabbis and other religious leaders who have betrayed their respective flocks by directly or indirectly supporting this ( anti-God ) Progressive tyranny. These are the same men and women of the cloth who may have originally been well intentioned but who are now actually willing to abrogate their faith, deny the Truth and embrace false prophets, in order to fall in line with the “ can’t we all just get along “ crowd . To their eternal shame, they have abandoned many of the essential lessons, parables, precepts and messages to mankind, set out in the old and new Testaments,  to conform with the warped, twisted and distorted Progressive viewpoint. Perhaps they actually believe they can fool God.


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